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Drag Act, ladies night South West


Immense Entertainment supplies the best Drags Acts in South West for events such as ladies nights and hen dos.  We have a great understanding of the industry, therefore we have the capacity to cater for the high quality demand and established drag artists in the South West area.  Our drag queens have even perfected performances to maximise audiences experiences and for audience to be interactive.


What to expect from our drag queens? Sing-a-longs, blue humour, jokes galore, audience participation, pick out people from the crowd and many more.


Looking to hire a drag artist in South West? We have the best selection for your event.

The Gallery


Ideal for,

• Drag show for ladies night

• Hen night and stag parties

• Corporate event

• Themed Drag act event

• Festivals and fun fairs

• Theatre

Prices from £160 per hour

Lots of audience interaction

Square Square Square

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